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Senin, 13 April 2009

Ahmadiyya Muslims in Leamington "happy" in their new mosque

Published Date: 08 April 2009
A small community of Ahmadiyya Muslims in Leamington have enjoyed the first six months since their new mosque opened.
Some 80 people worship at the £250,000 Baitul Ehsan Centre, opened by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, at the former James West Centre in Adelaide Road in November.
The association was formerly based in Lantern Corner before it rented rooms at Bath Place Community Venture and Oddfellows Hall in Warwick.

Warwick and Leamington assocation president Mohammad Salim said: "We are really pleased we have our own place now and a lot of people have shown an interest in the building.
"Not only is it a base for our community but it has helped us contribute to Leamington's community as a whole."
Neighbours and dignitaries were invited to the mosque's opening last year.
It is the first building of its type in Leamington.
Youngsters come to play and eat and several functions have taken place there.
Schools have shown an interest in going to look round and members of the Women's Institute have visited and invited women from the mosque to attend its events.

Mr Salim said the mosque was enjoying a good relationship with its neighbours, which include St Patrick's Irish Club and the Royal Naval Association.
He added: "People are happy and we are a peaceful neighbour - our motto is love for all and hate to none.
"We intend to keep it that way."
The Ahmadiyya Muslim community has branches in more than 189 countries and its worldwide membership exceeds tens of millions.
Established in 1889 in Punjab, India, its stated aim is to rejuvenate Islamic moral and spiritual values and claims there have been prophets since Mohammed - beliefs which contrast with mainstream Islam.
The association built its first UK mosque in Wandsworth, London, in 1924.
Ahmadiyya is said to advocate peace, tolerance, love and understanding among followers of different faiths and to strongly reject violence and terrorism.
An invitation only conference on the global financial crisis will take place at the mosque on April 18.
Prof Andrew Oswald from Warwick University will give a talk on the causes of the situation and a guest speaker will talk about the Islamic economic system.



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